From The Desk Of Joe Bertagna - October 2017

Joe BertagnaThe following is an excerpt from Joe Bertagna's Summer 2017 column in Stops and Starts:

It has been 25 years since the first issue of "Stops & Starts" was published in November of 1992 and I have had the pleasure of launching each of the seasons since. Looking back at the first primitive-looking issue, there were notes, a review of Ken Dryden's book and video series, "Home Game," and a "Q & A" feature on whether eligibility rules regarding Major Junior players should be changed. (Hmmm, where have I heard that topic before?)

The issue was sponsored by "CANSTAR," the parent organization of equipment companies Bauer, Cooper and Micron. AHCA membership hovered just under 300, about a quarter of our membership number today. That was then, and today, due to the efforts of our friends at Touchpoint Media, the newsletter is much more robust and professional, as is the AHCA.

One of our newest initiatives is the All American Scholar program, rolled out this summer. Originally conceived by Mark Ostapina of Milwaukee School of Engineering, and fostered by Mare MacDougall Bari of St. Lawrence, a total of 1,361 certificates have been signed and delivered to NCAA hockey players who averaged a 3.6 GPA or better last year and who played in 40 percent of the team's games. Waivers were granted to players who missed time due to injury and to back-up goalies.

The program was sponsored by Krampade, one of the newer AHCA sponsors. Krampade, LLC, is a Lincoln, Nebraska-based company focused on mitigating and preventing cramp formation, while enhancing performance using patent-pending formulations. The beauty of Krampade® is the depth and breadth of its consumer base, which translates into helping a lot of people resolve their issues with cramping in an effective, cost-efficient manner. Their website is at krampade.com.

– Joe Bertagna

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